Katy Perry Is A Barbie Gurl Now, Too

Idolator Staff | December 2, 2011 4:27 pm

Not to be outdone by Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry has traded her Teenage Dreams for some even younger ones by transforming into a little girl’s plaything, too. Like her AMA BFF, the “California Gurl”-turned-Barbie Girl is also being auctioned off for charity starting at $1,000 (though bidding is already up to $2,000, and counting), which means this is one toy that’s definitely staying in the box. Gosh, don’t these bidders know how many Alexander McQueen shoe cookies they could get from Gaga’s Workshop for that price? (Actually, not very many.) See more pics of Mattel’s latest pop princess below.

As you can see, at least the makers of the doll have taken their time with the design. The cupcake skirt is pretty intricate (not to mention, making us hungry). We learn from the website that the doll “features 70 hand-painted, mini-cupcakes, a candy-colored glitter-kissed bodice and fishnet stockings dotted with shimmering Swarovski crystals.” So okay, then. This isn’t your mother’s Malibu Barbie.

We must commend Mattel for choosing this look, reminiscent of the candy colors of Katy’s California Dreams tour, over, say, Katy’s look from the “E.T.” video. (Though a Kathy Beth Terry Barbie would be pretty sweet.)

If you happen to have a few grand to drop on a cupcake-adorned Katy Perry Barbie doll, be our guest and bid here.