Amy Winehouse Soars In Surfaced “Love Is A Losing Game” Video

Idolator Staff | December 5, 2011 4:35 pm

There is no bright side to Amy Winehouse’s death, but the star’s tragic passing has brought to light a treasure trove of previously unreleased material that may have otherwise gone unseen or heard. The latest, an intimate live acoustic performance of Back to Black ballad “Love Is A Losing Game” from 2006, is a stunning example of Winehouse’s talent as a jazz vocalist. Appearing healthy and lucid in a black tank and jeans, Amy draws out each simple, sad lyric over the barest guitar and bass accompaniment. But it’s just enough. Because the star here is that big, big voice, and Winehouse has never sounded finer. See and hear for yourself after the jump.

Amy Winehouse – “Love Is A Losing Game”