‘Saturday Night Live’: The Best Pop Star Sketches

Becky Bain | December 9, 2011 10:10 am

Katy Perry is bringing her sass and charm (and possibly a range of accents) to Saturday Night Live this weekend. We’re curious to see how well Katy does her first time as host, as well as how many times the writers will make use of her cleavage in a sketch. To celebrate her hosting gig, we looked back at the last few decades to see previous pop stars’ attempts at making people laugh on the late-night show. Jump below for our all-time favorite SNL guest spots from Britney, Christina, Gaga, Madonna and more. (Do we even need to say Justin Timberlake is included in this list more than once?)

PLEASE NOTE: Since there are just so many digital shorts that feature pop stars (Andy Samberg is tight with the music community, yo), we’re limiting our list to artists who have appeared in a live sketch. Plus, it’s a lot more entertaining to see your fave performer act without relying on multiple takes.

Christina Aguilera – Xtina is totally a Samantha in this punny Sex & The City parody.

Britney Spears – Brit plays Mattel’s Skipper, who gets a few depressing life lessons from her big sister mother Barbie.

Justin Bieber – Bieber has a chat with the Church Lady, who can’t resist his “nice new haircut and your million dollar smile”. Looks like literally everybody wants “a taste of that sweet Bieber.”

Justin Timberlake – OMG, how do we choose?! The modern-day king of SNL has been in so many winning sketches, it’s almost impossible to decide which one is the best. How about an appearance during Weekend Update, quickly recapping what a show hosted by him would be like?

Lady Gaga – Gaga was pretty hot in her three-way with JT and Andy Samberg, but we thought she was hilarious playing against Timberlake in the fake game show What’s That Name?: Celebrity Edition!

Madonna – The pop queen played Linda Richman’s friend on this celebrity-filled episode of Coffee Talk — not only did Roseanne play Madge’s mom, but Barbra Streisand made a surprise appearance at the end. (Seriously, it was a surprise even to the actors!) Anyone who says Madonna can’t act just needs to watch this sketch… and possibly only this sketch.

Taylor Swift – Who knew Taylor could do such a good impression of Shakira?!

Miley Cyrus – When Miley Cyrus played host, we knew she would appear on The Miley Cyrus Show (with Miley played by Vanessa Bayer). What we didn’t know is that the pop star would put on her most colorful kicks and a bowl cut and appear as Justin Bieber, reiterating that salvia is “totally legal, yo”.

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