Lady Gaga Is An Angsty Ballerina While Performing “Marry The Night” On ‘Ellen’

Becky Bain | December 9, 2011 11:11 am

It’s well-known that ballet dancers have to suffer physically for their craft, but if a ballerina had to prance around in Lady Gaga’s ballet slippers, they wouldn’t be able to survive one full routine. Gaga performed her single “Marry The Night” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show wearing the most ungodly dangerous ballet slippers ever created, and even she can’t seem to stand in them for long, as she takes them off halfway through the song. Watch what Gaga calls her “favorite performance ever” below.

It’s an exciting number, but we only wish she had dipped into the ballerina trend last year, when it was all the rage with Black Swan and Kanye’s “Runaway” dancers. Still, you know what neither of those things had? A gigantic baby pink keytar.

Check out parts of Gaga’s interview, in which she talks about directing the “Marry The Night” video:

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