Whatcha Say: Madonna & Adam Lambert Got Our Readers Talking This Week

Robbie Daw | December 9, 2011 5:30 pm

Over the past week, Madonna was confirmed as the halftime performer for the upcoming Super Bowl — but not everyone was pleased. Take, for instance, KISS rocker Gene Simmons, who labeled the Material Girl an “inappropriate” choice for the NFL event. Meanwhile, Willow Smith’s “Fireball” video premiered, Eminem had sound problems in Sydney, Justin Bieber and Michael Buble got festive together on TV and news arrived about a possible Adam Lambert/Queen collaboration. Head below to see how our readers reacted to this battery of pop news!

Gene Simmons Madonna Super Bowl
:: abeljose22 didn’t agree with the tongue-lashing on Gene Simmons Says “Karaoke Singer” Madonna Inappropriate For Super Bowl: “Madonna is more of an Icon than he will ever be. Jealous much?”

:: Brian spoke up about the supposed trouble with girls on the same post: “Gene Simmons hit the ball out of the park on this. The reason why the music industry has been in such bad shape in America is because we have allowed no-talent females to have success by lip-synching and using tapes. Sales are down because we have allowed these women to have success. As for Madonna, she’s always been a fake.”

:: Paul thought Gene should KISS his — well, you know: “This coming from a guy who’s hanging on to fame by doing a reality show on a low rated cable channel. Famous people only do reality shows when their careers have hit rock bottom. So who is the one with no integrity?”

:: MusicManDave brought the pain on Leona Lewis Hurt EP To Contain Nine Inch Nails Cover: “I like Leona Lewis though I really don’t think she will ever be able to top her smash hit single ‘Bleeding Love.’ Her second album was stellar and it went nowhere. She has an amazing voice but in these times its all about Lady Gaga/Rihanna/Katy Perry/Adele. She is like Celine Dion and that is not what people want right now. This EP might do ok in the UK but here in the states she will just fade into darkness and its very unfortunate….”

:: Wayne found too much whining on Eminem Plagued By Sound Problems In Sydney, Say Angry Fans: “Australians are turning into a bunch of whinging bloody Poms! No matter how good a concert is, we can always find something to bitch about. Its pathetic.”

:: KB, at least, had a good time: “As you would expect, sound at the front was perfect so I am extremely thankful that I was lucky enough to get the Lose Yourself Zone tickets. I have watched/listened to a few of the videos on youtube and it is like the people in the far stands were not even at the same concert, the level of sound back there was almost non-existent and it chokes me up to think that not all of Em’s fans got to enjoy the f&*king awesome experience my friends and I did, if I had been seated back there I would have been absolutely GUTTED!”

:: Judy Szao championed Queen & Adam Lambert In Talks About More Live Performances: “Adam is perfect for Queen. He has the theatrics, command of the stage, style and immaculate out of this world vocals to sing with Queen. Again, there will never be another Freddie but Adam’s time has come. Freddie never stood in front of a mic and sang. He rocked the stage. After the EMA performance, we all know that Adam is capable of the same.”

:: glamity58 was under no pressure to disagree: “Please let it happen. It would make an old Queen and Freddie fan so happy. Lambert is the best vocalist, and the music world needs to see it. We can’t bring back Freddie, but Lambert is a great replacement. He doesn’t sing like Freddie, but had the powerful vocals and on-stage presence like Freddie. I don’t want a sound-a-like; Adam is different.”

:: Jodi got to the bottom of the situation on Michael Buble & Justin Bieber: Their Bromance Is Strong On Christmas Special: “Justin needs to pull his pants up.”

:: Jody, on the other hand, got out the extinguisher for Willow Smith & Nicki Minaj Unleash Their “Fireball” Video: “Wow. my son is 8 years old. I can’t imagine him doing this in three years. What the hell is this? My word for this is horrid. Will & Jada are terrible parent representatives. And to think 10 and 11 year old girls across the country will have fantasies of being a pop princess like Willow. What a incredibly fake world we create for our youth.”

:: James Kay begged to differ: “Willow is only 11 years young! She is blessed with her dads height…and her mothers exotic eyes. She is also blessed with expectation. Her parents are not about to allow their children to become complacent just because they have famous parents. Congratulations to Will and Jada for their vision, their dedication and their love that they have invested and demonstrated upon the lives of their talented children.”