Lady Gaga’s “Marry The Night”: Will Facebook Campaign Help It Chart Better?

Robbie Daw | December 12, 2011 10:47 am

Lady Gaga has said several times that “Marry The Night” is her favorite song off Born This Way — something evident by the fact that the single received an extremely personal 13-minute promotional video. Yet despite several high profile performances, Gaga’s jam just can’t seem to crack the upper reaches of the iTunes Top Songs chart. Enter fan site Gaga Daily‘s Facebook campaign to get little monsters the world over downloading the single on December 20. “Let’s make ‘Marry The Night’ another smash hit for Gaga,” reads the Facebook account for 12†20 – Marry The Night Download Day. “On Tuesday, December 20th (4 p.m. local time) fans around the world will download the song on their country’s iTunes. If you already have a copy, you can gift another one to your friend.”

To date, Gaga’s previous string of 11 singles, from “Just Dance” to “You And I”, have been consecutive Top 10 hits on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart. And last week “Marry The Night”, her 12th single, jumped into the Top 40 at #32 following the premiere of the music video. Still, the song has been sluggish on iTunes compared to her previous hits. Currently it’s sitting at #32 on the digital retailer’s Top Songs roundup.

One reason could be that this is the first time Lady Gaga has released five singles off one album, and, at this point, fans of the singer likely already own Born This Way as a whole. (Hence Gaga Daily hinting that monsters can buy the download for a friend if they already own the song themselves.)

This is how Lady Gaga’s first 11 singles charted on the Hot 100:

* “Just Dance” (#1) * “Poker Face” (#1) * “LoveGame” (#5) * “Paparazzi” (#6) * “Bad Romance” (#2) * “Telephone” (#3) * “Alejandro” (#5) * “Born This Way” (#1) * “Judas” (#10) * “The Edge Of Glory” (#3) * “You And I” (#6)

At this day in age, it’s pretty rare for an artist to land more than a handful of Top 10 hits off an album. That said, if you ask us, “Marry The Night” at least deserves to chart higher than “Judas”!

Do you plan on taking part in Marry The Night Download Day? And do you think the song still has a shot of making the Top 10? Let us know below!