Listen To Madonna And M.I.A. Sing “Happy Birthday” To Nicki Minaj

Becky Bain | December 12, 2011 3:16 pm

The headline really says it all, doesn’t it? Nicki Minaj celebrated her birthday while on set of Madonna’s video for “Give Me All Your Love”, and Madge — along with the crew and the video’s other featured artist, M.I.A. — serenaded Harajuku Barbie with a round of “Happy Birthday.” Madonna even gave Nicki a gift in the form of a smooch. (According to Nicki’s tweet right after, it may have been the best present she’s ever received.) Feel like you were part of the on-set party below.

“You guys, thank you so much,” said Nicki. “And I have to thank the queen, Madonna, for giving me this amazing opportunity. I love her so much, and she’s fierce, and she didn’t have to do this for me, and M.I.A., and we love you.” It’s then that Madge puckers up for Nicki, who exclaims, “Did you get the kiss with Madonna on camera? Oh my god.” We’d be freaking out, too, even if we knew other pop stars receieved the same gift many times before.

Madonna and M.I.A Sing Happy Birthday to Nicki Minaj by Madonna