Katy Perry’s Barbara Walters Interview: Watch How ‘Fascinating’ It Is (Or Isn’t)

Robbie Daw | December 15, 2011 8:29 am

Katy Perry’s Most Fascinating People Of 2011 interview with Barbara Walters aired last night, and it pretty much covered all the basics we already knew: her religious upbringing; her coy is-she-or-isn’t-she stance following her breakthrough hit “I Kissed A Girl” (for the record, when asked if she’s totally straight, Perry says she’s not “totally anything”); her relationship with husband Russell Brand.

Walters asked chart juggernaut Perry about the tattoo of Jesus’ name on her left wrist. “I did this Jesus tatoo when I was 18 years old, legally,” Katy explained. “And I did it because, no matter how much I do change, I always want to know where my roots began.”

The interview ends on a whimsical note, with Katy telling Barbara that she hopes to be”changing till the last day that I’m on this earth.”

Personally, we kind of thought Babs’ interview with Katy was a bit of a by-the-numbers snooze. For a far sexier times spent with the “One That Got Away” singer, why not hit up our roundup of her 10 Hottest Photo Shoots Of 2011?