La Roux Recording New LP, Elly Jackson To Appear On ‘Absolutely Fabulous’

Robbie Daw | December 20, 2011 11:56 am

Good news, La Roux fans — there are finally a few scraps of info about the duo’s upcoming endeavors. It seems Elly Jackson and Ben Langmaid are holed up in a studio in the English countryside working on the follow-up to their Grammy-winning debut LP. We’re guessing we probably won’t be hearing the album until sometime in late 2012. In the meantime, Elly is set to appear on an upcoming episode of returning British comedy fave Absolutely Fabulous (set to air in the States on Logo beginning January 8). Catch a clip of Patsy and Edina’s new bitchy banter below. If you’ve ever wished someone would just go for it and rip apart the Kardashians — or simply wondered how well these two boozy broads would play in the current decade — sit back and watch the masters at work.

We have no idea how La Roux’s vocalist will be worked into the new Absolutely Fabulous, which is returning to television after nearly nine years, but here’s hoping she gets to spout out a “sweetie darling” or two herself.