Kanye West & Jay-Z’s “Ni**as In Paris” By The Numbers: Totally Cray

Becky Bain | December 20, 2011 3:37 pm

Now that The Throne’s tour has come to a close, Rolling Stone took it upon themselves to crunch the numbers and share some interesting statistics about Jay-Z and Kanye’s concerts — specifically the amount of time they spent performing their Watch The Throne track “Ni**as In Paris” ad nauseam. Fun facts below!

In the span of 34 concert dates, with each show running approximately two-and-a-half hours long, The Throne performed “Ni**as In Paris” a total of 168 times. (That’s an average of 4.94 times a night!) Here are some handy numbers in regards to all their “Paris” plays:

168: Total number of times “Ni**as in Paris” played in concert.11: In Vancouver (12/17)10: Los Angeles (12/14)9: Chicago (12/1); Los Angeles (12/13)2: Atlanta (10/28) 0: Paris

40:25: Running time, in minutes, of “Paris” in Vancouver, after being played 11 times.613.2: Total live running time, in minutes.194: Running time, in minutes, of the movie Titanic.705: Running time, in minutes, of Band of Brothers miniseries.26.7: Full House episodes one could watch, in that time.2: Seconds of “married Kate and Ashley” per “Paris.”

134: Total times Jay-Z said, “Again!”1,680: “Don’t let me get in my zone”-s.2,856: “Ball so hard”-s.0: New Jersey Nets’ regular-season games so far this year.2,184: “CRAY”-s.

Over 2,000 “cray”s? That shit cray. If you missed out on their live show, just play the below track 168 times to catch up to the rest of us.

[Via Rolling Stone]

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