Adam Lambert And Boyfriend Sauli Koskinen Arrested In Finland After Fight

Robbie Daw | December 22, 2011 9:12 am

During what should have been a celebratory week, Adam Lambert found himself detained by authorities in Finland for several hours today after a fight broke out between the singer and his Finnish boyfriend Sauli Koskinen at a nightclub. The Hollywood Reporter notes that the pair were arrested around 4 a.m. outside Helsinki gay club DTM (Don’t Tell Mama). They were both released this afternoon. Lambert and Koskinen’s fight is said to have started inside the club while they were hanging out with Sofia Ruusila, an ex-Miss Helsinki. She apparently told a Finnish TV channel that Adam accidentally hit her by mistake when she tried to get between the fighting couple.

Adam and Sauli were said to have been kicked out of the club and arrested as they continued their quarrel on the street.

Police investigator Petri Juvonen completed his interrogation on Thursday afternoon and Adam and Sauli were then released. And, good news — all seems well between them again!

Sauli blogged the following today (as translated by Google):

“Celebrities are people too and fame is not easy. Love is not always easy either, but it’s forever… hangover is gone already… Paparazzi, police stations have back doors, too, go away already.”

Meanwhile, Adam tweeted about the incident in a very mathematical manner: “Jetlag+Vodka=blackout. Us÷blackout=irrational confusion. jail+guilt+press=lesson learned.Sauli+Adam+hangover burgers= laughing bout it. :)”

Lambert’s single “Better Than I Know Myself” was released this week on iTunes, and has been racking up rave reviews across the Internet.

So, be happy, and no more fighting, you two — it’s the holidays!