Adam Lambert Wants The Media To Calm Down About His Helsinki Arrest

Idolator Staff | December 23, 2011 12:07 pm

Following his arrest for a drunken scuffle with boyfriend Sauli Koskinen outside the Helsinki nightclub Don’t Tell Mama, Adam Lambert tweeted: “Jetlag + Vodka = blackout. Us ÷ blackout = irrational confusion. jail + guilt + press = lesson learned. Sauli + Adam + hangover burgers = laughing bout it. :).” But that wasn’t quite enough to make the uproar die down, since many took the playfully mathematic tweet to be making light of the situation. So the “Better Than I Know Myself” crooner has taken to Twitter once more to clarify a few issues. See what he had to say below.

“Violence is not to be taken lightly. Embarrassed by drunkenness. No punches thrown, no injuries and no charges. Media always exaggerates,” Lambert tweeted last night, sounding annoyed that what seems like a minor argument was blown out of proportion.

It sounds as though Adam and Sauli have already moved on past whatever happened. Do you think everyone else should, too — seeing as no one punches were thrown?