Lance Bass Discusses Media Reaction To Transgender Slurs

Idolator Staff | December 23, 2011 2:02 pm

Hey, media — pop stars aren’t too happy with you today. Last night, Adam Lambert tweeted that the “media always exaggerates” regarding his arrest in Finland, and today Lance Bass is taking them to task for not reaching out to him before publishing reports that he offended the LGBT community (of which he himself is part) by using the word “trannies” on Access Hollywood. In a lengthy written piece for the Huffington Post, the “Pop” star apologizes and explains that he uses the word to refer to “overly made-up men in garish costumes and dramatic makeup” (which he should know something about). Read more below.

After the apology, Bass goes on to discuss similar events when Kelly Osbourne and Neil Patrick Harris used the word, and continues:

“I never see a headline in The Advcoate that reads, ‘Lance Bass Wants You To Join Him At The Russian Consulate In New York City To Help Protest Anti-Gay Propaganda Laws Being Passed In St. Petersburg.’ But you can check my Twitter feed back on Nov. 28 and you will find that I posted just that and did indeed go speak to the Russian consulate. But I bet if I had written, ‘Hey, fag lovers, come join me,’ it would have been picked up by everyone. Who knows, maybe we could have actually had enough people to make a difference?”

Read the full piece over the Huffington Post,and tell us what you think in comments below.