Why Did Snoop Dogg Host ‘The Price Is Right’?

Idolator Staff | January 2, 2012 7:24 pm

We knew Snoop Dogg had a sense of humor (from “Turtleneck And Chain” to his Charlie Sheen collaboration). But we never expected to see the “Wild, Young And Free” superstar hosting The Price Is Right. Yet the ever-charitable rapper did indeed hop on the mic to offer up some major prizes in a special episode of the classic CBS game show, with proceeds headed to his Snoop Youth Football League. (He also ride this “classic whip”.) Watch below and tell us if the prizzle is rizzle.

Snoop sets up the first big prizes, including a trip to see his show at the Voodoo music festival in New Orleans, where the winner would enjoy a full VIP backstage experience. And… a BRAND NEW CAR! (A Cadillac 300). A second showcase includes Snoop headphones and an iPod Touch. The way Snoop raises his voice to amp up the drama is… priceless.

And then, it was time to pick a winner. (Note: you need to watch to the end to see Snoop jumping for joy with the winner’s friends. Also priceless).

And as Snoop himself revealed in an interview afterward, appearing on The Price Is Right was something of a longtime dream, since he adored the show as a kid. He vividly recalls “loving the way it was put together, the prizes, Bob Barker, it’s just like the feeling is still there.” (He had visited the set once before, when he evidently struck his head on the big wheel). You know Snoop goes hard.

There is, of course, no truth to the rumor that Bob Barker spent the day rolling blunts and dropping verses for Wiz Khalifa’s next joint.