See What An Amy Winehouse-Inspired Lamp Looks Like

Erika Brooks Adickman | January 3, 2012 12:10 pm

Now here’s a bright idea: a lamp that pays tribute to the late singer Amy Winehouse. No, it doesn’t serenade you with the first few bars of “Rehab” when you flip it on (though with a price tag of $1,500 we think it should). Instead, lighting designer Delightfull has modeled the lamp after the “Halftime” siren’s trademark beehive. Below, take a closer look at the illuminating homage to the British songstress.


Delightfull describes the fixture:

“Inspired by what makes her unique, Amy is a tribute to the great British singer and songwriter. It’s an elegant piece, with personality, outlined by detail, surrounded by the black of her hair and of her golden voice.”

We could see how a diehard fan too impatient to wait for the potential Amy Winehouse biopic would invest in a lamp made in the artist’s likeness. But just the mere thought of shelling out the $750 or $1,500 (for the desk and floor lamp, respectively) in Amy’s honor compels us to quote that famous 2003 Spike Jonze Ikea commercial: “It’s just a lamp!”

Amy Winehouse’s Lioness: Hidden Treasures is out now on Universal. Purchase it on eMusic.

[PHOTO via Splash News]