Rihanna’s “We Found Love” Video: Yet Another Plagiarism Scandal For RiRi

Becky Bain | January 3, 2012 2:34 pm

This is getting old. After being accused of ripping off Solve Sundsbo for the “You Da One” video and being sued by David LaChapelle for jacking his bright-and-bold style for the “S&M” clip, Rihanna is under fire yet again for swiping a photographer’s style for her music videos. As detected by the sharp eye over at blog Lovebryan, the Talk That Talk singer’s grimy drug-fueled, lust-filled “We Found Love” video seems more than heavily influenced by the works of photographer Sandy Kim. Below, see Kim’s photos compared to the suspiciously similar video stills from RiRi’s clip. (The full NSFW comparison chart can be found here.) 

rihanna we found love sandy kim

We have to agree that much of Kim’s imagery and wild-and-free tone seems to have inspired Rihanna’s video, but as far as it being a direct rip-off? This is the least damning plagiarism case out of all of Rihanna’s plagiarism cases. That said, here’s another one for ya:

Inhaling your lover’s smoke is as commonplace as a hug, right?

Whether this is an homage or a case of sincerely hoping no one knows where you got your ideas, maybe for your next single‘s video, RiRi, double-check that your concept hasn’t been done before?

[Via PopDust]