Are Jay-Z And Beyonce Blasting Off Into Space?

Becky Bain | January 12, 2012 11:25 am

Baby Blue Ivy is already breaking records, but are her parents planning to make history of their own? According to The Sun, Beyonce and Jay-Z are at the top of record execs’ wish list to film a music video while weightless in space. “Everything is being done to make it happen,” a source tells the UK tabloid. How would they even get to outer space? By hopping aboard Richard Branson’s six-seater Virgin Galactic Craft, of course! Seats cost around $1,194,000 per person, but why not, if there’s a chance to make music video history. So is this completely absurd, or so bizarre it might actually be true? We’re going with the former, for many, many reasons.

Reason #1: If both Beyonce and Jay-Z are shipped up into space, that would cost approximately $2,388,000 for the price of two seats. That’s almost 2.5 million dollars for a music video where reshoots would be impossible. And let’s not forget about the camera guy, the sound guy, the stylist and the director taking up the other four seats on a six-seat ship. That’s over $7 million dollars just for the flight alone. Sure, Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson’s “Scream” video cost around that much back in 1995, but we aren’t living in fancy times where people actually buy albums anymore.

Reason #2: What music video would they even film? The only recent song that features both Jay-Z and Beyonce is Watch The Throne track “Lift Off”. Appropriate title, yes, but there’s no sign that this tune would even be a single, and if Hova and Bey are blasting off into space, you better believe Kanye would want in on that action, too.

Reason #3: They just had a baby. You think they’re really interested in space travel when they’ve got bigger priorities on their hands?

Reason #4: If you want your artists to appear weightless, there’s a thing called “special effects” that does the job pretty well right here on Earth. Just take a look at Diddy and Mase floating around the “Mo Money Mo Problems” video. And that was filmed in 1997! And didn’t require anyone to leave the planet!

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