Tinie Tempah Is a Sucker for Red Lipstick, Can’t Get Enough ‘Family Guy’: Favorites

Kim Persse | January 17, 2012 1:07 pm

Favorites is our recurring video series on the personal preferences of the pop artists who inspire us. Because the artists we love love stuff too.

Tinie Tempah is an ambitious guy. During our latest installment of Favorites, the UK rapper tells us that his ideal date isn’t dinner and a movie. No, due to his demanding schedule, Tinie likes to take women he’s interested in on holiday to “get to know them better.” Lucky ladies! We caught up with the “Till I’m Gone” hitmaker, who recently wrapped his world tour, to learn what else makes him tick, and trust us — from conspiracy theories to a expensive watches, you don’t want to miss this chance to get to know Tinie on a whole new level.

Sidenote: Tinie’s hit song “Written in the Stars” was a collaboration with singer Eric Turner, who also appeared on Lupe Fiasco’s “Break the Chain,” and is currently working on his solo debut LP due out this year. Before his own album drops, Turner will release his version of Tinie’s track — cleverly called “Written in the Stars 2.0” — which will premiere this week, right here on Idolator!

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