Cobra Starship Raise Their “Middle Finger” In New Video

Becky Bain | January 19, 2012 12:34 pm

Jay-Z has his diamonds, Taylor Swift has her heart, Lady Gaga has her monster claw, and Cobra Starship’s chosen hand gesture for their fans? “Middle finger to the sky — throw it up!” frontman Gabe Saporta declares on the pop-punk-turned-dance group’s new single, off their album Night Shades. The song’s otherwise happy-go-lucky verses and friendly club beats don’t really gel with the act of angrily flipping the bird, but more perplexing is why Gabe spends a significant chunk of the song’s video standing at a payphone, singing the lyrics to an anonymous person on the other end. Who even uses payphones anymore?

Cobra Starship feat. Mac Miller – “Middle Finger”

Cobra Starship feat Mac Miller – Middle Finger (Official Video) from Ultimate Gabe Saporta on Vimeo.