Lana Del Rey Admits She’s Not A Good Live Performer

Becky Bain | January 19, 2012 3:32 pm

After Lana Del Rey’s highly criticized debut Saturday Night Live performance, we almost felt bad for the amount of mockery the “Video Games” singer received from practically anyone with an Internet connection. But then Lana sat down with FUSE to talk about performing live, and for a two-minute interview, there are at least three instances where we threw up our hands and gave up trying to even attempt to defend her. (Daniel Radcliffe, you’re stronger than we are.) Lana, you have fully exasperated us. Watch the interview below, and check out our responses to Lana’s three most infuriating quotes.

LANA QUOTE #1: “I think like, the people who have been listening to my music for a little while know that I’m more of a writer and, like, a studio singer. So I think if you come to the show, you just come to hear the songs on the record that you might like.” IDOLATOR RESPONSE: Isn’t that the reason everyone goes to concerts? To hear the songs they like from a particular record? However, it is kind of refreshing to hear somebody admit that they’re better in the studio than they are live. You’d never hear Britney’s handlers allow her to say that out loud.

LANA QUOTE #2: “You can’t expect too much from my show,” she says. And then laughs. Because it’s funny how she’s terrible! IDOLATOR RESPONSE: This, not as refreshing. Why would someone — a “professional” performer — ever, ever say this? To be self-deprecating? To be humble? Humble doesn’t work on a pop star, sweetie. You’re making it incredibly easy for South By Southwest-goers to skip over your show for someone/anyone else’s set.

LANA QUOTE #3: “Sometimes I feel less nervous than other times. I don’t love live television. The only tip I have is just pray and just hope that things work out.” IDOLATOR RESPONSE: Here’s another tip — it’s a thing called “rehearsing”. Preferably in front of a mirror, so you can see how often you’re running your hands through your hair while pacing.

Are we just being bitchy, and Lana is keeping it real? Or does she truly need a lesson in selling herself to the public if anyone is going to take her seriously? Tell us your thoughts below.