Adam Lambert Tweets Preview Of New Video — Plus, New ‘Trespassing’ Details!

Becky Bain | January 20, 2012 10:35 am

UPDATE: The video has arrived! Watch Adam Lambert’s “Better Than I Know Myself” video.

Even more exciting than Adam Lambert tweeting out a preview of the video for his single “Better Than I Know Myself” — check out that hazy mood lighting! — is that we’re getting more and more details of how amazing his highly-anticipated sophomore alum Trespassing is. Both PopJustice and EQ Music Blog were treated to an early preview of five tracks off the album (jeeeeaaaloooous) and it’s safe to say that both reviews are glowing so bright we’re nearly blinded by the enthusiasm.

EQ Music Blog was the most celebratory, and summed up their thoughts in 140 characters on Twitter: “On “Trespassing”, @adamlambert has perfected the mix of pop, rock, dubstep, dance and melody to make a cohesive and mighty piece of pop art.” PopJustice, meanwhile, thinks picking the ballad “Better Than I Know Yourself” is a fake-out for the rest of the less-ballady LP: “The song sets the album up to be boring and moody, but it’s not really boring. It is quite moody though.”

Both sites discuss all five songs, including title track “Trespassing”, “Broken English”, “Shady” and “Outlaws Of Love” (which we’ve previously heard Adam sing live), but the song we’re most excited to finally hear is “Cuckoo.”

PopJustice calls “Cuckoo” the song of the album, and described it as “a streamlined version of Justice or Daft Punk” and includes a bit of dubstep. (How on trend!) A sample of lyrics: “I wanna lose my mind like a maniac / And cross the line never looking back / We’re on the loose getting crazy / And we’ve gone cuckoo, gonna party til they take us away.” This will likely be a single, as Adam has said he’s already thinking about the video, which will be “based on a film,” though PopJustice declines to say which one.

EQ’s take on “Cuckoo” is just as glowing: “The chorus is huge. Massive sound and the track showcases Adam’s extremely powerful vocals that have repeatedly set him above all the rest. Then we get to the bridge of the song, which is pure hard electro greatness.”

Head over to PopJustice and EQ Music Blog to read their full reviews. And make a big ole circle around March 20 on your calendars (March 19 for those in the UK), as that is the day Trespassing magnificently drops.

UPDATE: The video has arrived! Watch Adam Lambert’s “Better Than I Know Myself” video.