MTV’s Fake Boy Band 2Gether Planning A Reunion

Becky Bain | January 23, 2012 12:02 pm

Time to brush up on your calculus — TMZ reports that MTV’s parody boy band 2Gether, responsible for the actual hit from 2000, “U + Me = Us (Calculus)”, is planning a reunion special. The four living members of the band reportedly asked the network for control of the project, which MTV gave. So the band will be responsible for producing, shooting and delivering the reunion special (which is tentatively planned for either Los Angeles or Las Vegas), and upon completion, MTV will then decide whether to air it or not.

But why wouldn’t they? First of all, a portion of proceeds from the special will go to The Michael Cuccione Foundation, named after the teenage actor who played Jason “QT” McKnight (aka “The Cute One”), who died in 2001 of respiratory failure stemming from complications from cancer.

Secondly, boy bands are slowly bubbling back up in pop culture, and MTV may as well jump on the resurfaced boy band bandwagon while it’s on an upward trend. Plus, 2Gether is funnier than The Wanted, and infinitely less creepy than Heart2Heart. This is as easy a decision as they come.

Would you watch a 2Gether reunion special, or should MTV focus on developing a fake artist parodying modern pop stars? (Oops, too late.) Sound off below!

[Via TMZ]