Whatcha Say: Madonna’s Super Bowl Performance Lineup Had Readers Heated up

Guest Editor | January 27, 2012 5:30 pm

Believe it or not, there was more going on this week that had nada to do with Lana Del Rey — Madonna’s Super Bowl show got a shuffin’ upgrade with LMFAO (and possibly Cee Lo Green?); Adam Lambert gave serious fierce face on his Trespassing album cover; and Miley Cyrus surprised us all with a mature cover of a Bob Dylan song. Find out what else had everybody talking in today’s Whatcha Say comment round-up!

:: Our readers were not happy (to say the least) when it was confirmed by will.i.am that LMFAO would be joining Madonna during her halftime performance. Justin M is hoping that this new addition is simply a rumor: “OH NO. I pray this isn’t true! LMFAO will ruin everything!!!!! Madonna… you don’t need them!!!!!”

:: John was caught reminiscing on the past: “Nicki ‘Stupid Hoe’ Minaj and LMFAO? Madonna, remember the time when u did classy and artistic stuff!”

:: Kel thinks too many performers will be a disaster for the Super Bowl halftime show: “Why couldn’t they get Lady Gaga to do it. I am sorry but that us WAAY too many singers and LMFAO does the same stupid party schtick in every performance.”

:: Our readers were pleased with Miley’s rendition of Bob Dylan’s “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go.” Vinny A wishes the singer a successful future: “Surprisingly very nice. Good backup musicianship. Steel guitar gives it the true country feel and Miley hits it out of the park ! Hope she moves to become a good mature serious young artist and leaves the Brittany, Christina crap in her past.”

:: While Thomas hopes this isn’t the last time we hear this side of the former Disney star: “People can say what they want but as far as mainstream pop albums go, Can’t Be Tamed was a masterpiece. This, however, is the kind of album I want from her.Beautiful.”

:: Stephen5 believed the pop stars beauty shines through the otherwise dark and dingy video: “She displays the tremendous power and versatility of her voice as its soft vibrato/tremolo sweeps over you like a summer wind. Moreover, we get a glimpse of her inner self, her personality and her intimate world of feelings on love and life. She knows us Miley has soul, depth and empathy.”

:: Mia was thrilled with Adam’s Trespassing album cover: “That looks so amazing! Honest, sexy, mysterious, dangerous, sweet-natured”.

:: On the other hand, Evan was not impressed that the cover art reminded him of a toy truck: “Tbh, I think the cover is kind of cheesy. Looks like their artistic inspiration was the Tonka truck brand. There’s nothing wrong with the photo, I just don’t like the cover art. And hopefully the rest of the songs on the album are better than “Better Than I Know Myself”. He should be demanding better material.

:: tess4ADAM thinks Adam’s sultry eyes are just begging her to purchase his new album: “What an album cover!! It says “Take me home… I Dare You!!” … I D.A.R.E.!!!”

:: alp questioned what made people think Steven Tyler’s version of the national anthem was considered the worst performance: “What was bad about it? That’s his style of singing and let’s face it the national anthem isn’t the coolest song to sing. Put a couple guitars, drums, bass, and an orchestra behind him and this would sound awesome. It’s all relative.

:: Kay applauded the American Idol judge: :”At least he knew all the words! I don’t think he sounded that bad actually.”


And even though the National Anthem is considered among the hardest song to sing, Xlores still questioned Steven’s singing abilities: “What a sorry excuse for a singer. He probably couldn’t sing Mary had a little lamb in tune.”
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