Taylor Swift And LL Cool J Can’t Seem To Get Along In Grammy Promos

Robbie Daw | January 30, 2012 7:22 am

In their joint Grammy promo ads, nominee Taylor Swift and host LL Cool J are all about dissing each other. Umbrella aficionado Tay expresses her excitement over the awards and the once-in-a-lifetime performances during one of the short clips, and LL assumes she might also be excited about him taking on hosting duties. “There’s a host?” she asks. “Awkward.” Oh, you two.

The ads are cute, but maybe they could have spiced them up and gotten the watercooler chatter buzzing even louder by having Swift and LL smooch or something? You know, if he wasn’t married, that is.

Then again, that alone would probably give her fodder for at least half-an-album’s worth of material.

Grammy Ad — “The Host”

Grammy Ad — “Get That Spot”

Grammy Ad — “Impressive”

Grammy Ad — “Beatboxing”

[Via Oh No They Didn’t]

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