Paula Abdul To Leave ‘The X Factor’ In Shakeup

Idolator Staff | January 31, 2012 11:08 am

It turns out The X Factor may be carrying out an off-screen elimination more brutal than anything seen on its debut season. In addition to the departure of Nicole Scherzinger and Steve Jones, there’s word that pop superstar and longtime Simon Cowell colleague Paula Abdul has also been ousted from Fox TV’s would-be American Idol rival. A source tells Hollywood news blog Deadline that Abdul, Scherzinger and Jones were all asked to exit. We had no idea this is what Cowell meant when he promised Season 2 would be “a bloodbath”, but he wasn’t kidding.

Abdul told reporters after the conclusion of Season 1 (which featured the comeback win of Melania Amaro) that she expected to be back “unless something weird and bizarre happens.”

That’s one more indication that her departure from the show wasn’t her decision. We’re not expecting to see Simon and Paula this chummy again anytime soon.

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