Whatcha Say: Madonna’s Video And ‘The X Factor’ Got Our Readers Talking

Idolator Staff | February 3, 2012 5:15 pm

Madonna made sure she is all anyone is talking about this week, whether it was expressing her worth as a live performer, answering journalists’ stupid questions, or revealing her new video “Give Me All Your Luvin’“. But there was still plenty else going on — who did not get any luvin’ this week was Steve Jones, Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul, who were unceremoniously 86’d from The X Factor, or Taylor Swift, whose exit from the Les Miserables cast did not leave many people weeping in despair. See what all the buzz was about in this week’s reader comments.

Sean commented on the preview of Madonna’s new music video saying: “I love it. Fun as hell. People complain when Madonna is too serious and they complain when she’s fun like this. I love both sides to her, incredible artist and this song sounds nothing like all the generic David Guetta wannabe dance songs on the radio. I hope it does well b/c Madonna is def missed on the radio and will always be the Queen.”

:: Stating he “totally agrees with all that Sean said above”, Dustin Farmer adds: “Glad that Madonna is back and I am loving this song! I’m always curious to see what Madge is going to come up with. This video is pure fun and anyone hating on it is obviously a negative nancy.”

:: This song had the opposite effect on Sahil who thinks: “It is stupid.”

:: Kerry couldn’t believe the news that Paula was fired from The X Factor: “This is just a rumor though right? It hasn’t been confirmed?” (Sorry, Kerry. It’s true.)

:: John didn’t jump to blaming Simon for the firings: “I bet Simon had nothing to do with this. Since the show has already been renewed for 2012, Fox probably stepped in and did what they felt they had to, especially since the show didn’t generate the ratings that Cowell wanted it to.”

:: Isaac Mitchell is partial to the slew of pink slips: “Bad Mistake to let Paula go, Nicole was a good decision and Steve the host, but not Paula! Xfactor will pay for this in the future!”

:: Speaking of The X Factor, MusicManDave loved Melanie Amaro’s new song “Respect”: “Hot Hot Hot. Melanie has the chops man!”

:: Salatiell Junior is supportive of Melanie, too, though he didn’t love her single: “This song is not that bad, but too repetitive for me. I think she’ll grow and better songs will come!”

:: Jessica on the other hand, has a different opinion by asking: “What THE HECK?”

:: With Taylor Swift not cast in the Les Miserables movie, Aarron can save his money to see TSwift in concert: “Well at least I dont have to see this movie anymore, more money for me! Would have seen this just for Taylor now its just another musical movie.”

:: Lily Tabolt was rather overjoyed that the pop star was no longer attached to the musical: “THANK GOD IN HEAVEN!!!!!! Taylor Swift would have been terrible in this role! Almost as bad as Joe Jonas in the above video!”

:: Nick also agreed, and suggested who he would like to see in the movie: “THANK GOD! I would never see a film version of ‘Les Mis’ with Taylor Swift’s rat-like mug stinking up the screen… Although I would have loved to see Lea Michele on the project, ANYONE is better than TaySwift.”

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