Lady Gaga Finally Releases Jo Calderone “You & I” Fashion Film

Becky Bain | February 7, 2012 3:44 pm

Five months after the release of her last “You & I” fashion film (and six months from the premiere of the original video), Lady Gaga has unveiled a new clip with her dressed up as her male alter-ego, the chain-smoking greaser Jo Calderone (as well as her barn-dancing persona). But why now? To get people’s attention off other ubiquitous pop stars taking over the news? To remind people that “You & I” is nominated for a Grammy? Or can we expect more from Jo in the not so distant future? Our guess: the Haus Of Gaga forgot they still had this one in the bin and decided to just throw it out there. Grab some second-hand smoke from Mr. Calderone’s cigarette below.

Go back and watch Gaga as a washed-out vixen, a robot in mourning and a restless mermaid in her previous fashion films.