‘American Idol’ Hollywood Week: So Stressful, People Are Literally Fainting

Becky Bain | February 9, 2012 5:30 am

Some people come to Hollywood and become stars. Others get kicked to the curb. And yet some others faint and fall off stage. Before we get into the talent portion of American Idol‘s Hollywood Week (Part I!), let’s cut right to the shocking moment everyone will be talking about today: 16-year-old Symone Black’s performance of “Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay”. Everything goes fine during her a cappella audition, but during a brief chat with the judges afterwards, Symone begins to stumble, falls off the stage, and seems to be knocked unconscious. The credits began to roll as PAs (and Symone’s dad) rush to her side, thus providing the most horrifying cliffhanger scene of any episode of American Idol in the show’s history.

We aren’t sure why Symone falls – is it nerves? Exhaustion? The pressure that comes with only being 16 years old and having your dream within arms’ reach as you compete on the biggest show on television? A combination of all three?

(Jump to 3:30 for Symone’s audition.)

All that’s missing from this alarming scene is Ryan Seacrest’s voiceover asking, “Does Symone die? Or does she live and make it to the second Hollywood round? Find out on the next… American Idol!” Is this how the show’s producers are making sure people stick around — by promising the thrilling conclusion of a teenager’s painful-looking fainting episode? Yeesh.

While we pray for Symone’s well-being, let’s refocus on the talent aspect of American Idol to see which memorable contestants will be continuing their journey — and which hopefuls had their trip to Hollywood cut short.


**People we loved from the audition rounds. Jonny Keyser (aka Jonathan Rhys Meyers Jr.) from the St. Louis auditions will continue his quest for pop stardom, as will Phillip Phillips (aka Phil²) from the Georgia auditions and Pittsburgh‘s quirky dude Reed Grimm, who follows up his Family Matters theme song with an equally adorkable song choice: “I’ve Got A Golden Ticket” from Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory.

**People we didn’t really love at all. Heejan Hun from the Pittsburgh auditions is still having confidence issues (and a weird hand shaking tick, apparently). Jennifer seems to love him, but we think his performance is shaky and underwhelming. And Bizarro theater queen Angie Zederman somehow made it through, despite (probably) not being any less weird than she was during her San Diego audition.

**David Leathers Jr. —aka Mr. Steal Your Girl aka The Youngest Looking 17-Year-Old In The World from the Savannah auditions — takes a gamble by singing a Celine Dion song with the sweetest of falsettos. Men of Hollywood, keep an eye on your girls, because Mr. Steal Your Girl will be hanging around a whole lot longer.

**Some great ladies: Jen Hirsch (from the Galveston auditions), whose main problem is fidgeting with her hair – though she managed not to rustle one lock while performing “Up To The Mountain”. Erika Van Pelt turned Pink’s “Glitter In The Air” into a whole new song (in a good way) and Jessica Phillips (from the Portland auditions) also wowed the judges and made it to the next round. (Jessica’s man – who is under Jessica’s care after suffering a stroke – was in the house to see her make it through. Aww.)

**Adam Brock took a cue from his conversation with J.Lo during the Pittsburgh auditions, and sings one of her favorite songs, “Walking In Memphis.” Works like a charm – he’s through, too.


**Travis Orlando, the contestant whose mom ran out on him and his sick dad from the Pittsburgh auditions, will be unfortunately heading home. Jason “Wolf” Hamlin from the San Diego auditions and Ramiro Garcia from the Galveston auditions have a one-way ticket back to their hometowns, too.

**Jane Carrey (whose dad is Jim Carrey, but she sort of looks a lot like Miley Cyrus, no?) is a bit too smiley during her a cappella performance, and that may have cost her a chance at Idol glory.

Who were you sad to see be sent home? Did we get a brief glimpse of our next American Idol in this episode? And Symone is going to be okay, right? (We’re concerned.) Share your thoughts in the comments.