Kanye West & Jay-Z’s “Ni**as In Paris” Video: Review Revue

Becky Bain | February 9, 2012 4:39 pm

Jay-Z and Kanye West have double reason to celebrate — their Watch The Throne single “Ni**as In Paris” just went double-platinum, and their seizure-inducing video (filmed at the duo’s final tour stop at LA’s Staples Center last December) received a fair amount of positive reviews from critics and fans alike. (Though it’s quite possible that many epileptics did not react favorably to the video’s kaleidoscopic effects and flashing lights.) See what everyone was saying about Jay and Kanye goin’ gorillas in their visually stimulating concert vid.

niggas in paris
PopCrush has a crush on The Throne’s new clip, calling it “totally cray and visually brilliant.”

EW Music Mix has a whole bunch of interesting references to describe the vid: “If you’re epilepsy-free, you’ll find the video to be a psychedelic treat, kind of like a ’90s Fruitopia commercial mixed with that trippy iTunes Visualizer thing that shows up when you accidentally press the wrong command key. Plus a couple of jungle cats.”

Spin also gives Yeezy and Hova a positive review: “The epilepsy-risking kaleidoscopic action matches nicely with the glittering production, and the imperial imagery suits the crowd’s Colosseum-like frenzy.”

PopDust thinks the video one-ups the live experience: “Once merely towering over their dedicated fans who hung on every word, here they’re duplicated so that they can be in two places at once: leading the crowd in diamond-throwing from one side of the arena, while appreciating the model types who writhe about in agreement on the other.”

Rap-Radar had one bone to pick: “The Staples Center‘s cool, but imagine this being shot in, let’s say, Paris?! Ah well, too little to late.”

MTV Buzzworthy sums it up pretty nicely, describing the video as “a continuation of the story we’ve been following since Watch The Throne dropped in August of last year — it’s opulence at it’s finest and most conspicuous, but it comes with a conscious and a price. (In this case, maybe seizures.)”

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