The Idolator Hype Index (Week Of 2.5.12)

Idolator Staff | February 10, 2012 7:45 am

A few months (or weeks) from now, you may not remember who won the Super Bowl. But we bet you’ll remember who performed at halftime, and that’s just one reason why she dominates the latest Pop & Fizz chart. We’ve tallied the ups and downs of M.I.A., Lana Del Rey, Missy Elliott and the rest of this week’s news-making pop artists, and you’ll find the results below. (Remember, we study each artist or major news story according to their size (that’s Rank) and then we weigh how they’re faring overall in the pop zeitgeist (that’s Hype). Who do you think will top the chart following the Grammy Awards? Hmmm…

To see exactly how these artists entered the hype index, check below.

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