Madonna’s Interview With Ryan Seacrest: 7 Classy Quotes

Robbie Daw | February 10, 2012 10:19 am

This morning, our Pop & Fizz leader Madonna called in to KIIS-FM’s On Air With Ryan Seacrest to have a chat with the American Idol host about her recent Super Bowl Performance, thoughts on M.I.A. giving America the F.U. via her middle finger and her upcoming album MDNA. And, lucky for you, we listened to the full interview and sussed out the seven classiest quotes that the “Give Me All Your Luvin'” singer gave. Catch them below, pop fanatics!7 Classy Quotes From Madonna’s On Air Interview With Ryan Seacrest

* On her final Super Bowl song, “Like A Prayer”: “It was actually very emotional for me. I almost starting crying. I felt an incredible sense of — I know it sounds cheesy, but — warmth, love, support. Everybody turning on their flashlights, holding up their phones, to see the entire stadium lit up like candles with the video-mapping over us and the choir singing around me — it was like a religious experience.”

* “My daughter is in love with Tom Brady.”

* On working with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.: “Nicki and M.I.A. are cool because they have youthful energy, and I think they’re badasses in their own rite.”

* On choosing LMFAO for the Super Bowl performance: “To me they’re just pure joy and they crack me up. They have an incredible sense of humor. I was so happy when they agreed to do the show with me. And strangely enough, their song and my song ‘Music’ are in the same key, so it was really easy to do that mashup. They were super easy to work with.”

* On choosing Cee Lo Green for the Super Bowl performance: “I love Cee Lo. I’ve always loved his voice. I feel like he’s someone really up and coming, interesting.”

* On M.I.A.’s bird-flip: “To tell you the truth, I didn’t even know about it. I actually didn’t know until I left… I found out about it in the elevator on my way to go to the car to get to the airport. I was really surprised. I didn’t know anything about it. I wasn’t happy about it, because for me — I understand it’s kind of punk rock and everything — but to me there was such a feeling of love and good energy and positivity. It seemed negative. It’s one of those things that’s such a teenager, kind of, irrelevant thing to do in one respect. But on the other, there was such a feeling of love and unity there. What was the point? It was just out of place.”

* On MDNA: “[There are] a lot of uptempo [tracks], but I also have three ballads, which I haven’t done in awhile. So, something for everyone.”

Madonna also mentions that she’s shooting her video for MDNA track “Girls Gone Wild” soon (so, her next single?), and shot down the rumor that Britney Spears will appear on the song.

Listen to the full interview with Madonna here.