Whatcha Say: Madonna’s Super Bowl Performance Had Readers Talking

Idolator Staff | February 10, 2012 5:30 pm

Like everything she does, Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime performance was both celebrated and criticized. Kelly Clarkson’s rendition of the national anthem, on the other hand, was universally praised — the same week her single “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” knocked Adele out of the #1 spot on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart. Also in the football spirit, Lady Gaga posed topless with a pigskin before unleashing the tour poster, stage design and first few tour dates for her upcoming Born This Way Ball. See what our readers had to say about all this after the jump.

:: TallStack was super positive about Madonna’s Super Bowl spectacular: “It was the best halftime show in a long time, but Vogue and Like a Prayer greatly out-shined her newest single.”

:: Marty hoped the Material Girl would turn in a “more original” and “shocking” show, and was ultimately disappointed, saying: “Her voice sounded like she had in the 80s – which is good, she didn’t sing live, her dance was a bit awkward, the pom pom segment was corny at its best, the Like A Prayer scene was pretty much predictable (how many times do we have to see a gospel choir singing behind her).”

:: Danny was super enthusiastic about Kelly Clarkson’s chart domination this week: “Stronger over Give me all your loving ANY DAY!!!! Kelly deserves to be #1. Madonna is singing a song Britney should have done 8 years ago.”

:: Juvi had some ideas about the way Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball stage design would unfold: “I think it will be a “Living Stage” like the “Living Dress”. When she starts to sing Electric Chapel the “Kingdom” will break down than Bloody Mary and Judas and than an intro. EPIC.”

And when Lady Gaga tweeted the Born This Way Ball tour poster, Juvi had this to say: “I like it. It could have been better maybe she does more than one, but the poster is not what a tour is about, it’s about the artist.”

:: Zack Leedy already has his paws up for Mother Monster, “Just like anything “Mother Monster”, Lady Gaga does this stage is EPIC. I cannot wait until the next tour. Paws up!”

:: Jonathan Williams was not impressed, calling the artwork “cheap looking,” and raised an interesting proposition: “Couldn’t she hire one of the little monsters to design her poster?” (We think that’s a great idea!)

:: SLLC7 saw this meaning in Mother Monster’s poster: “Gaga needs to look monstrous because she is symbolizing that it doesn’t matter who you are or how you look like, everyone is accepted into her world. Asking gaga not to be weird or creepy is like asking Britney Spears or Madonna not to lip-sync.”

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