Adele’s Album Of The Year Grammy Acceptance Speech Was Bloody Adorable

Nicole Sia | February 12, 2012 9:00 pm

We sure did see a lot of Adele at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards Sunday night (Feb. 12). The UK songstress swept in all six of her nominated categories, winning awards for her powerhouse breakup ballads “Rolling In The Deep” and “Someone Like You”. But it was her Album Of The Year acceptance speech for 21 that truly charmed our hearts. And for those of you who don’t speak British, we’ve transcribed Adele’s speech below. (Skip to about 2:06).

Hello! First of all, I just want to say: Mum, girl did good! Mum, I love you. I’m so sorry you’re not here.

And I also want to say a big thank you to Rick Rubin, who taught me about quality control. He really taught me about what I wanted to be and made me realize stuff that I didn’t ever think I would. And this record is inspired by something that is really normal and everyone’s been through it, which is a rubbish relationship. And it’s gone on to do things that I can’t tell you how I feel about it, it’s been the most life-changing year.

And I want to thank my record companies, Columbia Records and XL Records and Nick Huggett who signed me in the UK — oh, I’ve got a bit of snot!

And all my band, all my band on my album and in the studio, all my live band, my crew, my friends, my family, my manager Jonathan and Rose, Simon, my mum, everyone. Thank you so much. And all of you lot! Thank you so much!

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