Adam Lambert Discusses ‘Trespassing’, Queen & More: The Idolator Interview

Becky Bain | February 20, 2012 10:13 am

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Adam Lambert, one of the most exciting artists to blast onto the pop scene in the last few years. Adam’s 2009 album, For Your Entertainment, was one of the best debuts from an American Idol alum ever, but it’s his highly personal sophomore LP Trespassing that may finally prove to the masses that the man affectionately known as Glambert could be pop’s newest leading man.

It’s been some time since we had a nice long chat with Adam, and we had a lot to catch up on. During our exclusive interview with the singer, we touched on his creative process while crafting Trespassing, his favorite songs, and as for all those rumors about him touring with Queen… well, just see for yourself. Hop below for our one-on-one with the glorious glam guy.

Though Adam co-wrote many of the songs that appear on his debut album, he’s even more involved this time around. “I really wanted to be in control of it artistically, and [the label RCA] respected that,” said Lambert of his new album. “And once we decided we were on the same page, they said okay, you can creatively direct this thing – you can executive produce it.”

During our interview, Adam explains that he released “Better Than I Know Myself” as the album’s lead single in order to “connect emotionally” with his audience, and “give them something vocal” that also says something real. (However, he promises single #2 will have people wanting to get up and dance!)

Like a proud father, he couldn’t pick a particular song as his favorite, though he did have some moving words about his emotional ballad “Outlaws Of Love”, which was inspired by the gay rights movement. “We have a struggle and an uphill climb as a community to deal with our lives and the public and how we relate to everybody else,” said Adam. “Hopefully there is a shred of hope in it, and hopefully when people listen to it, it makes them feel a certain amount of catharsis, and they feels better after listening to it. It’s like a release.”

And though he plays coy in our interview regarding those Queen rumors, they are rumors no more — Adam officially confirmed he’ll be joining the rock band at the Sonisphere music festival this July — read all about it here.

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