Sky Ferreira’s “Lost In My Bedroom”: Listen

Becky Bain | March 2, 2012 5:20 pm

Well, hi there again, Sky Ferreira! It’s been longer than we would have liked since we heard a song — or a peep, even — out of Sky since she released her As If! EP nearly a year ago. Besides the occasional Madonna-inspired photo shoot and a few lyric videos, the 19-year-old singer has been mostly MIA while working on her debut album, Wild At Heart. Today comes the first listen from those lengthy studio sessions, the Goldfrapp-lite “Lost In My Bedroom”. Welcome Sky back into your life by heading below.

Sky Ferreira – “Lost In My Bedroom”

The razor-sharp electronics swirling around Sky’s vocals don’t necessarily indicate a whole new creative direction, though. Lost In My Bedroom “is the most electro pop on the album & no, it’s not the first song I’m releasing,” she tweeted.

In fact, based on some other comments Sky’s made recently, the hyper-produced “Lost In My Bedroom” may be quite a long way off from the music Sky really wants to create. As she told the teen site Rookie in a fantastic interview recently:

I love live music. That’s what I’m trying to achieve on my new album—to make it something that can be played live. I mean, there’ll still be some dance music, but the majority of it I’m doing with Jon Brion, who did all the Aimee Mann records, the first Fiona Apple records, the Magnolia soundtrack. Working with him is almost therapeutic, because he’s not trying to make a hit—he wants to try something new, which is really exciting, because a lot of producers are just trying to make money.

And all of that sounds promising — but we also hope it means Sky’s music career finally has some focus. (How much of a bummer would it be to see her suffer the same fate as another artist who works with Jon Brion and wait while her music sits on a shelf for a year?)

Is “Lost In My Bedroom” the kind of song you’d hope to find on Sky’s album? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments.