Snoop Dogg Teams With Daughter Cori B. For Spoiled-Child Anthem “Daddy’s Girl”

X. Alexander | March 6, 2012 12:12 pm

Father’s Day isn’t until June, but ladies — store this one away, because Snoop Dogg and his daughter Cori B. have created the father-daughter love anthem to rule them all. Not to be outdone by an infant, Snoop and Cori are giving Blue Ivy Carter a run for her (dad’s) money in “Daddy’s Girl,” in which the “Do My Thang” tween sings, “And you say yes every time, I’m so lucky you are mine / And you spoil me all the time, I’m so glad you’re my daddy!” And yes, of course Snoop is featured in perhaps his first rap ever without a reference to you-know-what — trading getting high for a Hello Kitty shout-out. Awesome. The highlight of your day awaits below.

Our verdict? Musically, “Daddy’s Girl” (from Cori’s upcoming album) isn’t half-bad. You might even find yourself singing along to the “dad-dad-dad-daddy’s girl” chorus after a listen or six.

Cori B. feat. Snoop Dogg — “Daddy’s Girl”

Lyrically, however, is this not a liiittle creepy? We’re sure Cori B. is a perfectly nice young lady, but all the talk of being spoiled is a bit much — like maybe she needs to go volunteer in a soup kitchen for a little while. This sounds more appropriate for a Real Housewife of Wherever to sing to her sugar daddy than for an actual girl to sing to her father.

Ah, well. Your move, Will and Willow Smith. Let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments.