Watch The Wanted Get “Arrested” In LA

X. Alexander | March 7, 2012 5:09 pm

The Wanted probably never intended to take their band name quite this literally — as in, being wanted by the police! There’s some footage flying around depicting the “Glad You Came” crooners having a scuffle with the LAPD, which ordinarily might have them consider staying closer to home rather than make that return to the states this spring. Fortunately for fans of the fab five, however, rumor has it that it’s all just another prank by that wily Ashton Kutcher for Punk’d. Nevertheless, we doubt this uncomfortable run-in with the law is likely to show up on their list of favorites any time soon. See more below.

Apparently band member Jay was in on the ruse, while the other boys appear to be taking this all quite seriously. Watch the footage over at Daily Mail.

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