Britney Spears May Join ‘The X Factor’ To The Tune Of $16 Million

X. Alexander | March 9, 2012 9:50 am

After firing virtually the entire judges’ panel, clearly The X Factor is looking to revamp its image and connect to a wider audience. And there may be no better way to do that than hiring Britney Spears for the job. The Twister fan has been reportedly offered a cool $10 million to join Simon Cowell and possibly one other female judge (Janet Jackson is just one of the names in this conversation); E! Online reports that she may be holding out for an even higher figure ($16 million!). Naturally, it is Britney’s honey/agent Jason Trawick negotiating the deal. Read more below.

Sixteen million dollars is an awful lot of money, but we have to believe it would pay off for the underperforming reality show. Not only would Britney’s die-hard legion of fans tune in, but even viewers who don’t care much about talent competitions would tune in just to see Spears in action — she’s been notoriously shy about doing anything live (forget singing — even speaking!) without extensive preparation. Curiosity alone could bring hordes of viewers (including us, we’ll admit). The Hollywood Reporter says it looks like the deal may be closed by next week.

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