Alphabeat Take A “Vacation” With New Single: Listen

Robbie Daw | March 12, 2012 7:49 am

Yes, we realize it’s Monday morning, and Daylight Savings Time is a total drag. But as Danish pop act Alphabeat declare on their irresistible, smile-inducing new single “Vacation”, right now we think you know that sad faces are a no-go! It’s the first offering from the band’s upcoming third LP, which is due out in late summer. Book a ticket and head below to hear “Vacation”.

“Vacation” seems to be less of the early ’90s house throwback sound we heard on previous LP The Spell, and more in the same party-pop vein as their tunes from first album This Is Alphabeat.

Regardless, it’s pretty much scientifically impossible to dislike an Alphabeat song — though, admittedly, we’ve never actually tried. We just kind of gave in to their brand of peppy pop from the get-go.

Speaking of which, the band promises on their official site that their upcoming album is going to be “fun fun fun” and “something you can dance to.”