Madonna’s ‘MDNA’ Track “Superstar”: Listen To A Preview

Becky Bain | March 13, 2012 11:10 am

We’re slowly but surely inching our way towards hearing all of Madonna’s full MDNA album, and lo and behold, there’s some heart to go along with all those beats. In the just-surfaced sweet love song “Superstar”, Madge compares her beau to famous men (both real and fictional) throughout history — Al Capone, Julius Caesar, Abraham Lincoln, among others, claiming that she’s “your biggest fan” and that she’s more than willing to “give you a massage when you get home.” Listen to the minute-long preview below.

Madonna – “Superstar” (Preview)

The song sounds like a sweeter, more simplified version of “Ray Of Light”. (Aka, no big words like “zephyr.”) After hearing a series of club-destined tracks like “Girl Gone Wild” and “I’m Addicted”, and darker, grittier tunes like “Gang Bang”, it’s nice to hear the pop star keep it light and lovely.

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