Cee Lo Green Presents Letterman’s “Top 10 Signs You’re A Terrible Singer”

X. Alexander | March 14, 2012 1:06 pm

Last night David Letterman busted out his “Top 10 Signs You’re A Terrible Singer,” and to do the honors, he brought in an expert — The Voice coach Cee Lo Green. (Apparently he’s gained a little weight back since his photo shoot with JET magazine.) The lineup included such zingers as “Instead of iTunes, you’re on iSuck” and jabs at the Mets and Mitt Romney. Though we probably could have thought of our own ten ways to make fun of bad singers that were funnier than any of these, our favorite was probably #6: “Verse, chorus, wet cough, verse, chorus, hacking wet cough.” Because that is pretty bad. Watch the Vegas-bound singer deliver below.

Which was your favorite — or do you have a better zinger of your own? Post it on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments.