Madonna March Madness: Vote For The Best Videos In The Sweet 16 Bracket

Nicole Sia | March 16, 2012 12:35 pm

Madonna March Madness, our tournament to decide the best Madonna video of all time in honor of MDNA dropping this month, continues with our Sweet 16 bracket. These were the videos to emerge victorious in our last round, which saw some tight races, some upsets and a few expected landslides. Click the image above to see the bracket in its full (legible) size, then head below to see the results and check the box on the videos you want to see make it through to the next round. Voting is open until Tuesday, March 20 at 6 p.m. EST, when the Elite Eight will be chosen.


“LIKE A VIRGIN” VS. “LUCKY STAR” We didn’t really ever think “Burning Up” stood a chance against Madonna’s seminal “Like A Virgin”. It succumbed easily, losing by a 50% margin. Now “Like A Virgin” takes on “Lucky Star”, which edged out “Into The Groove” with 55% of the vote.

Madonna, “Lucky Star”

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“BORDERLINE” VS. “MATERIAL GIRL” It was no contest as “Borderline” took on Vision Quest clip show “Crazy For You.” It won easily, nabbing 80% of votes. But the battle ahead won’t be so easy. It’s pitted against “Material Girl”, the heavyweight in this division. It slaughtered “Everybody” in the last round, earning 90% of votes.

Madonna, “Borderline”

Madonna, “Material Girl”

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“LIKE A PRAYER” VS. “PAPA DON’T PREACH” Things are about to get controversial as “Like A Prayer” and “Papa Don’t Preach” — both favorites that won by landslides in the previous round — cross swords (or rather, crucifixes) in the showdown for Elite Eight status.

Madonna, “Like A Prayer”

Madonna, “Papa Don’t Preach”

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“OPEN YOUR HEART” VS. “EXPRESS YOURSELF” “Express Yourself” looks to continue its domination after stealing all but 20 votes in its last matchup against “Live To Tell”. On the opposing side, “Open Your Heart” earned its place in this round by drowning Madonna’s mermaid epic “Cherish” by a 3:1 margin.

Madonna, “Open Your Heart”

Madonna, “Express Yourself

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“VOGUE” VS. “EROTICA” It’s a battle of black and white in the first “Sex”-y Era fight. “Vogue” is the clear favorite, locking in 92% of votes against the under-appreciated “Secret” in the last round. “Erotica” pulled ahead of “Deeper and Deeper” early on in the race, only widening its lead as the days went on. But will all that NSFW imagery be enough to knockout the goliath “Vogue”?

Madonna, “Vogue”

Madonna, “Erotica”

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“BAD GIRL” VS. “BEDTIME STORY” The macabre “Bad Girl”, which saw a modest victory over “Take A Bow” after winning a place in the tourney as the Wild Card, now moves on to face off with the dreamlike “Bedtime Story.” This will be a close one, folks, as the videos earned 58% and 54% of votes, respectively, in the previous round.

Madonna, “Bad Girl”

Madonna, “Bedtime Story”

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“RAY OF LIGHT” VS. “NOTHING REALLY MATTERS” We’re not surprised to see Madonna’s frenetic “Ray Of Light” among the Sweet 16. It’s 85% win over “American Life” shows that it’s clearly a fan favorite. But then again, so is the geisha-inspired “Nothing Really Matters”, which delivered a fatal blow to “Music” after earning its place as the Wild Card in this era.

Madonna, “Ray Of Light”

Madonna, “Nothing Really Matters”

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“FROZEN” VS. “HUNG UP” Madonna’s Justin Timberlake collaboration “4 Minutes” didn’t really stand a chance against the bleak “Frozen”, which took in 80% of votes in the last round. “Gimme All Your Luvin'” fared just about as poorly against “Hung Up”, so this Sweet 16 showdown really comes down to how fans prefer their Madge: in flowing dark robes or in a tight pink leotard?

Madonna, “Frozen”

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