Rihanna Flaunts New Tattoo On Her Neck

Idolator Staff | March 16, 2012 11:09 am

Rihanna somehow found more room on her body to adorn with body art. In a recent trip to New York, the pop star got her 15th tattoo — a tiny cross at the end of her left collar bone. For her teeny-tiny tatt, RiRi went to her favorite artist, BangBang, who has inked the singer quite a bit already: he’s responsible for the Roman numerals on her neck, the “shhh” on her finger, the gun tattoo on her shoulders and rib cage, and the small stars going down her back, which she got with her controversial “Birthday Cake” co-star, Chris Brown. How many more do you think she’ll get by the end of 2012? (Our guess: 2,012.) [Via MTV Buzzworthy]