New Daft Punk Album May Release In June

Idolator Staff | March 18, 2012 10:04 am

While we knew that Daft Punk were in the midst of working on new material with Nile Rodgers, it was hard to tell how long we would have to wait for it or if they were actually going to release it. But the French electro duo could have their eyes on June to drop the new album, The Hollywood Reporter reported after talking with award-winning composer Paul Williams who has also been working with Daft Punk on some new tracks.“I’ve been working with Daft Punk, yeah,” Williams said during SXSW. “I’ve written a couple of tunes on their next album.”

Knowing how well Daft Punk love to keep things secret till the last minute, Williams wanted to respect that by keeping as many details surrounding the album quiet. “I feel like I don’t want to talk about the stuff that I’m doing with them, because they want a press blackout on the album until it’s out,” Williams said. “So I should basically not be talking about it.”

So to recap, Daft Punk is working on a new album with Nile Rodgers and Paul Williams and may release it in June. Hopefully more info will be revealed as we get closer to the summer.

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