Lana Del Rey Wears Her “Blue Jeans” To The Pool In New Video

X. Alexander | March 19, 2012 10:31 am

Mystery solved! Those of us who were wondering what’s up with Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jeans” single art can call off the detectives. And good news! It’s a little less disturbing than we thought. The biker chick throws a pool party for two in her moody B&W clip, which finds her taking a sexy dip with the tattooed guy who appeared to be strangling her on the single art. (By putting his fingers in her mouth, he manages to maintain a bit of a creep factor.) Beyond that, the video has lots of blur, sadness, reflections of water, and a few crocodiles. What more could you ask for?

Along with “Video Games,” “Blue Jeans” was one of the first tracks we heard from Lana last fall, so it feels a bit anticlimactic to see an official video now. We might have preferred her to move on to another Born To Die track that hasn’t already been an “almost” single.

That said, we’re digging the lush visuals, which manage to make even a sunny day at a gorgeous pool look chilling. That’s our girl!

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