Madonna March Madness: Vote For The Best Videos In The Elite 8 Bracket

Nicole Sia | March 20, 2012 4:27 pm

It’s getting down to the wire in our Madonna March Madness tournament, as we move on to the final matchups in each of the four divisions. Will “Material Girl” prevail over “Like A Virgin” for the best video from Madonna’s early career? Does “Express Yourself” embody the essence of Madonna’s Blond Ambition period more so than “Like A Prayer”? Is “Bedtime Story” headed for a sleeper victory over “Vogue” in Madonna’s “Sex”-y era? And in the end will “Ray Of Light” shine brighter than “Hung Up”? It’s up to you to decide. Voting is open until Friday, March 23 at 6 p.m. EST, when the Final Four will be announced. Click the image above to see how each of these videos fared in their past battles, then head below to cast your vote!


“LIKE A VIRGIN” VS. “MATERIAL GIRL” “Material Girl” has so far netted easy wins in its eponymous era, putting the hurt on past opponents “Borderline” and “Everybody”. But how will it do in its first heavyweight battle with the controversial and star-cementing “Like A Virgin”?

Madonna, “Like A Virgin”

Madonna, “Material Girl”

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“LIKE A PRAYER” VS. “EXPRESS YOURSELF” Some feelings will definitely be hurt by the end of this round, with two of Madonna’s greatest videos in a duel to the death. Will “Like A Prayer” take its opponent to church? The religion-drenched clip has already delivered last rites to “Who’s That Girl” and “Papa Don’t Preach”, while “Express Yourself” has expressed nothing but domination over “Live To Tell” and “Open Your Heart”.

Madonna, “Like A Prayer”

Madonna, “Express Yourself

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“VOGUE” VS. “BEDTIME STORY” So far there’s been no stopping “Vogue”‘s steady march to victory. The titillating “Erotica” just wasn’t titillating enough, as “Vogue” steam-rolled over it to another unsurprising victory, carrying 80% of votes. Can 1994’s “Bedtime Story” — which earned its Elight 8 spot through a slew of modest wins — possibly pull off the upset of the decade and stop “Vogue” in its tracks?

Madonna, “Vogue”

Madonna, “Bedtime Story”

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“RAY OF LIGHT” VS. “HUNG UP” “Nothing Really Matters” could barely keep up with the lightning-paced “Ray Of Light” in their Sweet 16 face-off. The day-in-the-life video took 64% of the vote with it to the discotheque, where it now meets “Hung Up” — no slouch itself, taking in about the same number of votes against the defeated “Frozen”. Which dance video will get sent to the Final Four, and which will just get served?

Madonna, “Ray Of Light”

Madonna, “Hung Up”

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