Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild” Video: Review Revue

Robbie Daw | March 21, 2012 11:17 am

Madonna has quite a stylishly-naughty time in her Mert and Marcus-directed “Girl Gone Wild” video. The clip for her second MDNA single arrived wrapped in chains, strapped with leather and bathed in sweat last night, and naturally the Internet at large weighed in with many opinions. Head below for a roundup of what the critics had to say, then let us know your own thoughts on Madge’s latest entry into her vast catalog of videos! :: E! Online, who premiered the video, makes this observation: “Madonna doesn’t need a song to tell us she’s ready to dance all night — just one look at her and you figure she could outlast the average partyer under any circumstances.”

:: Entertainment Weekly‘s Music Mix has been seduced by the Material Girl: “The black-and-white clip shows Madonna looking the best she has since at least 2005′s video for ‘Hung Up.’ Of course there is the requisite writhing, hip grinding, a rousing dance sequence, and a smoldering mantourage. It is, in a word, awesome.”

:: The New York Daily News quips, “…it’s a tossup over who looks better in tights and high-heels, the 53-year-old Material Girl or the bevy of shirtless male dancers who gyrate around her.”

:: Pink Is The New Blog is also tickled pink: “Is this not just … an amazingly fantastic video? It deffo reminds me of classic 90s Madonna but in an updated and fresh way.”

:: Chart Rigger also zeroed in on the ’90s vibe: “Madge is clearly feeling iconic again, or at least aiming to assert her queenly status in this era of pop wannabes gone wild. And when Her Madgesty is feeling iconic, Her Madgesty goes black and white and straight to the sex (see: ‘Vogue,’ ‘Justify My Love,’ ‘Erotica,’ etc.).”

:: The Daily Mail, however, is not aroused: “It’s not a good look on her, and neither is the cigarette hanging out of her mouth or the fact that her new album MDNA sounds very like MDMA, the active ingredient in ecstasy tablets. Madonna is a woman too controlled to ever dabble with drugs and her early music encouraged her fans to be the same way, however obliquely… It’s tragic that her search for youthful approval could lead her to reference such damaging habits in a bid to remain current. Perhaps Madonna has changed her persona so many times that even she no longer remembers who she is.”

:: MTV Buzzworthy sees the clip as a good time: “Cue the synchronized men-in-heels dance and a few major close-ups of two male models going H.A.M. on the same apple, and boom, you’ve got yourself a Madonna video. And a pretty great one at that.”

:: BlackBook likes the video, but isn’t too keen on the tune itself: “The song still sounds like a warmed over Ke$ha C-side, but the video provides enough visual references to her old material to make a pop historian smile (and then kill himself, because he’s a pop historian).”

:: HitFix digs the sensuality: “Beautifully shot by fashion photographers Mert and Marcus, the clip is a luscious collection of erotic images: two men biting an apple together, backlit men dancing in high heels, and Madge, looking as if she’s a dewy 25-year old. Man, I’ll take some of that lighting please.”

Enough of the critics — what do you think of Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild” video? Let us know below!