Far East Movement’s “Live My Life (Party Rock Remix)” Video: Where’s The Biebs?

X. Alexander | March 23, 2012 1:39 pm

Sorry for party rocking? That’s okay. Sorry for leaving Justin Bieber out of our video? That’sinexcusable! As we spied in the preview, the video for Far East Movement’s new single “Live My Life” features LMFAO’s Redfoo, lots of bright colors and animal print, and plenty of G6-like shenanigans. However, it’s missing one key ingredient — Justin Bieber, who provides the song’s hook but is nowhere to be found in the visual. (Did someone forget to call him, maybe?) And yes, we know the Biebs is a busy guy, but we can’t help but feel this jaunt through Amsterdam on a tour bus is incomplete without our two-timing “Boyfriend.” (He is over 18 now, after all.) Watch below.

No, Far East Movement lip-syncing to Bieber’s vocals isn’t fooling us. No offense to Redfoo and the gang, but there is just no substitute for Justin Bieber. Far East Movement featuring Redfoo & Justin Bieber — “Live My Life (Party Rock Remix)”

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