Madonna March Madness: Vote For The Best Videos In The Final Four

Nicole Sia | March 23, 2012 3:42 pm

When we first set out to create Madonna March Madness — a celebration of the icon’s unparalleled music video legacy on the eve of the release of her 12th studio album, MDNA — we thought it would all be in good fun. Nothing was really at stake, no real feelings would be hurt. And do you know what happened, you guys? A travesty happened. In what has so far been our most popular Madgeness matchup, real blood was shed and our once happy-go-lucky tournament had its first real casualty: The psychedelic cyber opus “Bedtime Story” put “Vogue” — VOGUE!!!! — to bed. How could you let this happen? Like, we’re really happy for you “Bedtime Story” and we’re going to let you finish, but “Vogue” is one of the greatest videos of All Time!

Impression of us right now.

The music video for “Vogue” is so great that Madonna recycled its imagery and art direction for her latest video “Girl Gone Wild.” (Here’s proof.) It’s like Madonna thought to herself, “Welp! That’s as good as it’s ever going to get, so may as well just do it again!” New Madonna copied Old Madonna because you can’t ever top Old Madonna. To quote the fictionalized dialogue of HBO’s Game Change, “This is not the campaign I wanted to run.” So, whatever. The damage is done and you probably want to vote in some new polls. Fine, here you go. Voting in the semifinals round is open until Wednesday, March 28 at 6 p.m. EST, when the final two videos will be announced. But know: This is why we can’t have nice things.

“LIKE A VIRGIN” VS. “LIKE A PRAYER” The Marilyn Monroe version of Madonna bowed to vintage Boy Toy Madonna, as “Like A Virgin” was voted the greatest video from Madonna’s Material Girl era. It meets the pot-stirring “Like A Prayer” video, which bested “Express Yourself” for the Blond Ambition era title. (Were we not so PO-ed over the “Vogue” upset, you guys would be getting an earful on this one, too.)

Madonna, “Like A Virgin”

Madonna, “Like A Prayer”

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“BEDTIME STORY” VS. “HUNG UP” And really, what else can be said here? Maybe those of you who voted “Bedtime Story” the greatest video from Madonna’s “Sex”-y era should explain yourselves. We have a comments section below (and we’re on Twitter and Facebook) where you can do so. Because, honestly, we’re curious. “Vogue” didn’t go down so easily, at least, raking in 44% of the nearly 3,800 votes cast. “Hung Up” won by a much wider margin, spanking it’s final Queen Of Pop era opponent “Ray Of Light” with 84% of votes. But now a reckoning is at hand.

Madonna, “Bedtime Story”

Madonna, “Hung Up”

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