Madonna’s Facebook Chat With Jimmy Fallon: Watch

X. Alexander | March 24, 2012 4:16 pm

There are just a couple of days left until Madonna’s MDNA (officially) drops in the US for Material Girls and Boys to enjoy (legally). In order to get us all even more psyched, Madge had a live chat with Jimmy Fallon on Facebook, where she answered fan questions and taught Jimmy how to dance like a “Girl Gone Wild.” What she did not reveal: why her fans voted “Vogue” out of our March Madgeness tournament, and what she thinks of the math in our MDNA By The Numbers post. What she did reveal: her favorite tune off the new LP is “Gang Bang,” and she’d like Quentin Tarantino (!) to direct the video. (Yes please!)

While Quentin directing Madge, for now, is just a wish on her part, we see no reason it couldn’t come true. Is there anyone who turns down a chance to work with the Queen of Pop?

Madge also spoke at length about her upcoming tour. “There’s a lot of violence in my show,” she stated. “I’m working out a lot of aggression.” (Yes, clearly. We’ve heard “Gang Bang.”) One of the themes of the concert is “Transgression” — so she should have plenty of songs from her catalog to choose from. Another interesting tidbit we learned? Her perfume Truth or Dare smells like gardenias! (Not to be confused with hydrangeas.)

Overall, Madonna gave us her trademark sass and self-confidence, playfully belittling Jimmy Fallon and a couple of her fans, covering everything from fashion to motherhood to what her favorite food to eat in bed is (ice cream, naturally). Perhaps our favorite was Madge trying to explain why her “Girl Gone Wild” video isn’t as racy as we thought (and realizing that a dancer wiping fingerprints off his latex G-string actually is pretty saucy after all).

We’ll post the video when it becomes available.

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